Things I Love – February 9








Paula’s sweet idea of focusing on something we love every day in February is a terrific idea.

My thought for today is that I love the physical and emotional relief I get from my acupuncturist/chiropractor. My heart is heavy. My fibro is flaring. My arthritis is cramping my joints. I went to my appointment today. My doctor knows immediately when I walk in, the pain I am in.   

We talk as he inserts many needles into my aching body. As I rest and do deep breathing awaiting their removal, my body relaxes. His advice as he is taking out the needles is to not do the physical work I have been doing. He advises me to “lay low” and take care of my emotional needs with rest and meditation.

I love that I have his expertise as a tool in my toolbox for my well-being. 



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