Simply 6 Minutes – Please Mom, Please

Christine Bialczak gives us the prompt for Simply 6 Minutes.

Mom, mom, mom, please can I go play with my brothers and sisters?

I promise I won’t piddle on the floor again.

I promise I will use the pee pad.

I promise I won’t eat the ribbon I find in the boss lady’s pretty box.

I promise I won’t bite my brother’s tale, even though he started it.

I promise I won’t scream and cry when I can’t find you.

I promise I will eat from the dish by standing on the side instead of walking through it.

I promise I will not eat the boss man’s socks even though I love how they taste.

I promise I will not find new hiding places to poop because it makes everyone mad.

I promise I will allow those silly little people to pick me up without nipping at them.

I promise I will not use the edge of the sofa as a chew toy.

I promise I will stay as cute as I am now for as long as I can.

I have learned my lesson.

Please, please momma. Can I go out and play with my brothers and sisters now?



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