I Love My Tribe

I spent most of my day embraced by love.  I am happy for the fact that I have such a wonderful tribe of people who care about me. I have family members who check in to see if I am OK. (I am)  I have friends who extend an ear if/when I need to talk. It matters not, if I need to cry, laugh, or reminisce. I have friends who gingerly approach my feelings about death and the afterlife. (I have no problems discussing this as long as no one tries to trash my views.)  I have had people reach out to me that I haven’t been in touch with for awhile. It makes me feel less alone with my grief. I am not in any way trying to be heroic. I am feeling all my feelings which may change from hour to hour. 

I love my tribe. My afternoon ended with more bad news on another front.  I wondered if I should just wave a white flag and crawl under my covers to hide from the world. This is truly one of the very rare occasions that I wish I drank alcohol. Getting drunk sounds like a good idea tight now. But , I know it solves no problems. 

G-d, grant me the strength to keep moving one foot in front of the other until this grief is lessoned.

Your three things today are:  TRASH   HEROIC    PINCH
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9 thoughts on “I Love My Tribe

  1. We all have days when the world just seems too much. I am sorry so much has arrived on your doorstep at the same time. I am glad you gave such a strong support system. It does not wear off like alcohol would. Hang in there my friend.

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  2. Sorry Lauren, for another issue at this time of grieving. I hope the most recent is something that can be resolved with less trauma. Thinking of you and praying for relief and peace.

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