Feb. 3 – I Love Swinging Out Back With Annie

My outdoor swing makes me happy every day.  When my moods are in flux, I can swing outside and my world calms down. I enjoy my swing during every season.

I redid the fabric on the cushions and now it is pretty again. It takes a great deal of strength to use outdoor fabric on my sewing machine. It is 48 years old now.  This new covering makes me want to swing there even more. It is definitely a happy place for me.

Annie’s morning routine is to play fetch with me and then when she has had enough she jumps  up on the swing for cuddles. She is generous enough to let me have one third of the swing. She takes the other two thirds. Even then, she climbs all over me. I am convinced that she is part cat. 

I am convinced that wherever I live in the future, I need a swing. Perhaps, I should put that on my vision board.

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