Truthful Tuesday – Feb. 2 – Seasonal Foods

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PCGuyIV wants the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth on his Truthful Tuesday prompt.


Whether it’s soups, stews, or chili, are there certain foods that you consider “winter fare”, only suitable when the temperature dips low enough to turn the furnace on, or do you just eat whatever whenever?

For me it is a matter of degrees. I rarely make homemade soups and stews unless it is cold outside. I might have ordered soup, pre-Covid, at a restaurant during the summer, but would not have made it myself.
Making yummy soups and such is part of the joy of winter for me. Mind you, winter to me is anything below 60 degrees F.

Salads are summer foods to me. In the summer, I add a variety of toppings that are all cold. When I make a “salad” in the winter is is usually topped with warm chicken.  I made lettuce wraps yesterday. The warm chicken made it winter friendly.

Now, grilled cheese sandwiches are my all year long  go to food. I’ll add a salad in the summer and some soup in the winter.

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