FOWC with Fandango – Unicorn

Fandango’s word for the day is Unicorn. 


This word brings up a little stream of consciousness writing. So here goes.

I love the idea of a unicorn. A mythological creature with a Unique Horn seems like all rainbows and glittery. Drawing unicorns as a kid, was a favorite pastime. There were no rules about the colors you used or the distorted shape of my drawing. An artist, I am not.

I tend to think of unicorns now as things that are rare and wonderful, but not imaginary. An honest politician is a unicorn. An easy delicious meal is a unicorn. Reconnecting with a lost loved one is a unicorn. Finding joy in everyday moments is less rare for me now, but it still feels like a unicorn. Paying my bills without anxiety is a unicorn. Anytime I see a rainbow, it feels like a unicorn moment. Finding that I have rocky road ice cream in the freezer is a unicorn. Of course the unicorn I hope and pray for is an end to the pandemic. 

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