What Do You See? #67


Image credit:
Tim Hüfner @ Unsplash

( For the visually challenged reader, the photo shows a partially open gate, which is thrown in relief by a light filtering from a doorway)

Sadje at Keep It Alive gives us the image to create a blog post with. 



Decisions need to be made before exiting.
What is waiting on the other side?
Will anyone meet me when I cross the threshold?
Do I reenter my old life and continue to do whatever I feel like doing no matter the consequences?
Or do I decide to do a 180 and change my path?
I’m too young to follow the trail of my unfortunate family members.
I am tired of traveling through this revolving experience.
I need to decide what my future will be.

16 thoughts on “What Do You See? #67

  1. I like where you went with this image. Uncertainty is now a prime concerns in the lives of many people. The decisions need to be made with thought and wisdom. Thanks Lauren for being the first one this week.

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