Three Thing Challenge #496 – I’m Not A Country Girl

Di at Pensitivity101 gives us three words to write a post about. My usual night time activity is to read a few blogs before attempting to sleep. I enjoy the three things challenge because the post usually just jumps out of my head as soon as I read the words. 

Your three things today are: MANY   OTHER    FEW

There was a challenge on Facebook recently that I found pretty funny. The quest was to see how “country” you are. 

Let’s see just how country you really are.
10 – 20, A little country
20 – 30, Pretty much country
30 – 40, Bonafide country
How many have you done?
Have you ever…
1. Owned pellet or BB gun as a kid?
2. Owned a real gun?
3. Shot a real gun?
4. Gone squirrel/rabbit hunting?
5. Gone fishing?
6. Owned or used a sling shot?
7. Plucked a chicken?
8. Gathered wild ginseng?
9. Eaten deer meat?
10. Eaten frog legs?
11. Fed a baby farm animal with a bottle?
12. Gathered fresh eggs?
13. Driven a stick shift?
14. Started a vehicle using a manual choke?
15. Rode around town in the back of a pick-up truck?
16. Shucked corn?
17. Waded barefoot in a creek?
18. Caught fireflies in a jar at night?
19. Tasted wild honeysuckle?
20. Gathered wild blackberries?
21. Used an outhouse?
22. Rode a horse?
23. Smelled the scent of cured tobacco hanging in tobacco barn?
24. Taken the ashes out of a wood stove?
25. Carried in wood?
26. Walked barefoot down a gravel or dirt road?
27. Slept in a tent?
28. Been attacked by a rooster?
29. Eaten raw apple, potato or turnip off the blade of a pocket knife?
30. Dipped skoal or chewed chewing tobacco or applied it to a bee sting?
31. Eaten homemade snow Ice Cream?
32. Used a pump to draw water from a well?
33. Been on a hay ride?
34. Jumped into a pile of raked leaves?
35. Carved your initials into the side of a tree?
36. Sucked on the end of an old piece of water hose in order to siphon gas out of a gas tank?
37. Been shocked by an electric fence?
38. Split wood with an ax?
39. Hung laundry outside on a clothes line to dry?
40. Eaten fried bologna?
I got 20 – But I sure don’t think of myself as country 😁 just old. I have lived in the suburbs my entire life. Some are things all people in my childhood neighborhood did. Many of the items on the list I did while visiting family who did live in the “country.”  A few I did because I grew up with only brothers. Others on the list I have never done, thankfully. 
A nice song, but not my mantra.

17 thoughts on “Three Thing Challenge #496 – I’m Not A Country Girl

      1. We lived in the country for 7 years, so had chickens and Hubby used to go rabbiting. There were no shops, school, church, post office or pub in our village and we liked it. So do I feel country? Not really. I just feel the same wherever we make home.

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