SoCS – The End & The Beginning

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Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “the beginning, the end.” Write about the beginning of something and the end of  something. Bonus points if your first sentence contains “the end” and your last sentence contains “the beginning.” <– Read that again. 

Being stricken with Covid means the end of your life is not what you would like or expect or need. When my mother left this realm five years ago, I was holding her hand. My brothers had arrived and had the opportunity to say goodbye. I had been at the hospital with her for a week. She knew the end was near. She was ready. She was loved. My 95-year-old aunt is dealing with Covid now. She has a terrific hospice nurse caring for her.  It’s not the same as having her family there. It’s not the same when I, nor others, can’t hold her hand. When we spoke last week, we thought she had a flu. We talked of random things as well as how much we love each other. Every call ends with true and honest “I love you” words. There is always a chance that this will not be her time to leave this earth. We may be able to see each other at some point in the future. We may again share chocolate brownies and her favorite Chocolate Mousse Royale ice cream. My hope is that if it is her time, she is not in pain nor in fear.

If you think about how we begin our life, it is so very different. We come into the world screaming and wondering what happened to us. We wonder why we left the comfortable warm snuggly tight space into the bright light, cold air, and unknown voices. We are then poked, prodded, have gooey stuff put in our eyes, are wiped down, weighed, and examined before finally being put in the arms of the woman who brought us into the world. Everyone rejoices in our arrival. The tears are for joy and not for sadness. 

Both the beginning and the end of life typically bring families together. Luckily, we know what follows birth. Everyone has their own opinion about what follows the end of life in this realm.

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