Discovering The Past – What Can Be Found

Michael at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie says: This week write about a Discovery of the Past. It could be a search for your family’s past. The discovery of something new and surprising.
Because I am trying to maintain my brain, I figured I would respond to this prompt. I had dabbled with Ancestry for some time. It was interesting but I never seemed to have the time to devote to really delving into my past.

Last summer, Ancestry offered a deal. It was a wonderful gift for spending time at home during the pandemic. I believe it was 1 dollar for three months unlimited world wide access to records.

I spent hour after hour trying to find some  hints about my family. My time was well spent. I have a varied family lineage. I suppose this is true for most people in the US. I was not surprised at the 50% + of the already known family. I was surprised at the small % of multiple European countries that I come from. 

I had two special gifts from discovering my past. I was able to trace my maternal grandfather back 22 generations on many lines. It was exciting and informative. I copied the information and sent it off to a few family members. I wish I could have found more than three generations on another relative. 

One of the greatest things that came from Ancestry was the reuniting of a long lost family member. A relative had adopted out an infant many years ago. With Ancestry’s DNA connection the long lost child (now many years older) was reunited with with his mother, siblings, cousins, etc.

In my mind, that is the greatest gift of Ancestry. It is wonderful to see where we came from. But to find a lost relative is an even greater discovery, 


7 thoughts on “Discovering The Past – What Can Be Found

  1. I had a friend who thought he had gone back to 1500s, but of course at that far back, it is very tentative. He used to spend hours on it and would come into work, bleary-eyed.

    It was never something I developed an interest in, but… who knows? How far back did you get?

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