Let Us Never Forget – International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today is a day of immense sadness as well as hope. The events under the regime of the Nazi’s was so terrible that one would think the world would acknowledge the horrors so they would not be repeated. 

President Biden Speaks today on the HolocaustThank you Mr. President

Holocaust Day Remembered

My dear friend Maggie from From Cave Walls shared this today.

I can’t watch this video without breaking down in torrential tears.

Janis Ian – Posted today about Remembrance Day. She was blasted with many negative comments. I was glad to see her response: 
“To everyone who is trying to divert my post about remembering the Holocaust into discussions of other genocidal acts, acts of oppression, political arguments between countries, I can only shake my head.
How hard is it to allow one day of remembrance for the victims of the Nazis?
How difficult is it to shut up and just recognize the importance of remembering what they did?
And how impossible is it for you to understand the difference between genocide and internment?
People are jumping on with “What about” this people and that people and this war and that war. It’s not about those instances. It’s not about children in cages. It’s not about the Palestinians, or the Israelis, or the Native Americans, or aboriginal peoples. It’s about victims of the Holocaust.
And to everyone chiming in with “But the Poles”, “but the Gypsies”, but but but but but. Do you not understand that the words VICTIMS OF THE HOLOCAUST means all victims, not just Jews?
The people who keep posting “What about” and “Yes but” should have a look at the posts that keep appearing here before I can block the writer, threatening “the Yids”, saying “6MWE”, arguing “it never happened”, and worse.
Show some respect. Stop trying to move the conversation away from what it is and divert it to your own ends. Stop being so rude to the people who are posting painful memories, painful family histories here.
For my sake and the sake of everyone else who knows you, learn some manners. They’re important than your twenty seconds’ worth of “opinion”.

I am grateful that intelligent people try their best to educate and enlighten people of the past horrors in our world history. I am grateful for people who see the possibilities that all lives have to offer. I am grateful for being able to get my first vaccine today. (A Pfizer vaccine) G-d willing, everyone who wants a vaccine will get it sooner than later.

While today brings immense sadness to my entire being, it also brings hope for a better tomorrow. Let us not forget and not repeat our awful past.

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