Three Things Challenge – Pearls

Di at Pensitivity101 gives us our daily challenge. 

Your three things today are: PICTURE   SLIM   TEN



Today was a very important day in America’s history. We said goodbye to the man that worked hard to divide our nation. We now have a new president and vice-president. Many women paid tribute today to our new vice president by wearing pearls. We are proud of her breaking the glass ceiling for all future women. 

I actually about taking my picture wearing pearls. I don’t feel near slim enough to do my pearls justice. Soooooo, I tried to take a picture of Annie wearing my pearls. Have you ever tried to get a hyper dog to allow you to take her picture wearing jewelry?  I tried more than ten times and decided as usual, she got her way . Not picture of my beautiful fur baby wearing pearls.

No harm done. The day was wonderful anyway.


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