Three Things Challenge – Inauguration

Your three things today are: RESOLVE   SIDEWAYS   DECIDED

The inauguration is tomorrow. I have decided to not watch it live. There will be many opportunities to see the replay, if all goes well. I still fear that things might go sideways. I don’t want to be watching it in real time if anything horrible happens. I am confident of my decision. I don’t see myself deterring from my resolve

I am not so enamored by the new president that I believe all our problems will vanish. I do believe he is a good man who wants to reunite our country. I am thrilled that our new leaders are not so in love with themselves that they feel they are the most important people on earth.

There is hope for this county. Tomorrow is day one.

8 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge – Inauguration

  1. I, too, am very worried but then I think about each and every day of the next four years and will be worried for them all. Trump has organized a heinous group that are hell bent on fulfilling their ” mission.” Just hope the secret service is VERY competent.

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