A Semester At Music College

It was mid-morning. Her energy level was lacking. She was too mellow for her own good. She knew she had a long day ahead of her but couldn’t see how she would accomplish all her tasks. There was a 10-page report on the rise and fall of the Beatles to finish for her Music Education class. She had six songs to listen to and describe their effect on her growth as a girl/woman for her Music Theory class. That would be an easy one.

She wished she could have an extension on all her assignments. There was one professor in particular, in her Music Production For Media class, that always watched her a little too closely on Zoom when she tossed her hair from side to side. Maybe he’d give her some extra time. It had been a hard semester with all the changes going on in her world.

She hadn’t left her dorm in months. She opted to do something wildly dangerous. She was going to go to the campus store to pick up some snacks. She had lots of spare money because there was nowhere to go to shop right now. The items they had there were by no means healthy, but they would certainly nourish her stressed out mind. Twenty dollars’ worth of chocolates just might get her through this week’s assignments. One can hope.

Written for :these word prompts: energy ,   wildly,     nourish,   mellow,   easy, tossed, girl, wish


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