Memories Brought Up from My Past

I’ve been thinking of some sweet memories quite a lot lately. Searching back into the recesses of my mind allows me to escape from the current events going on in my world.

My daughter has a great practice she does nightly when tucking my young grandson in for the night. The others have outgrown the willingness to participate. Instead, being teenagers, they pick and choose what they will share with their parents. The last few months Z3 often has stated that not seeing his Nana (me) was his low for the day. His genuine tenderness melts my heart. We occasionally use Facebook messenger to chat. He typically gets silly and will only answer in one syllable answers. I miss the little man along with his siblings.

A couple of nights ago he was reluctant to explain to his mom what his low was. He did share, with a little encouragement. He said that he not only missed his Nana, but my house also. He said he missed playing in my backyard in the grass. (He has none in his yard now nor in their last house.) He said he missed Annie. (She had been their dog before they moved into an apartment. I agreed to take her because where they moved did not allow dogs.) He said he missed the fact that every time he came to my house, I would play games with him whenever he asked. (What can I say, I am a pushover to make him happy.) To hear that he enjoys spending time here and enjoys the freedom to be himself made my heart swell. The grands run all over my house playing and enjoying themselves. I will admit to having to take away devices often when they were here for a visit. I wish their devices were left at home.

When my daughter told me about their conversation it reminded me of why I am staying safe. I want to have many more memories to share with my grandchildren. I would hate to miss all the upcoming life moments they have in their future. G-d willing, I will see them married.

Thinking of the Zs visiting my house brought up many sweet memories of my own childhood. I used to love to go to my grandparent’s house. I was a little child when my parent’s divorced. Thank G-d, my paternal grandparents told my mom that just because she divorced the schmuck, she did not divorce them. My grandparents were an amazing influence on my life. I am thankful every day for having had them in my life.

When we would visit there, my brothers and I would dash around their yard chasing each other and teasing each other nonstop. We were a handful. Their love for us never changed, even when we were unruly. I always felt safe at their house. My grandfather had the skill of making each of us feel that we were his favorite. He was always dapper in his dress and behavior. He would not go to the store without a suit, tie, and hat on. The entire feeling in their house was calm and welcoming. Everything was much more formal, sedate, and refined than at my home. I learned a lot about other worlds. I grew into the person I am today thanks to them. The tenderness I feel for my grandparents and the joy of being a grandparent are intertwined in my heart. 
Tenderness  Instead

22 thoughts on “Memories Brought Up from My Past

  1. I understand how you feel. It is so good your grandson is able to express his sorrow. Memories of carefree and loving times certainly do help see us through the hard times. Great post, Lauren.

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  2. That’s a lovely post Lauren
    You sound like a wonderful Nana . I’m also blessed to have two beautiful grandchildren, sorry to hear you can’t see yours at the moment..thank goodness for those devices
    Nice to read you are still so UPbeat 🥰

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