Three Things Challenge

Di at Pensitivity101 gives us three words each night (for me) to create a blog post. 

Your three things today are: WANT  EARLY  OUTLOOK


I want to have a better outlook on the future of our country. Actually, I need to have a better outlook. I had sworn off all news programs for my own emotional well being. The new year began and I foolishly thought it was safe to watch a few minutes of world events.

I know my circle of influence is small. I know the ripple effect of my thoughts are limited. It was early in the new year, so I hoped for calm. A few minutes couldn’t hurt. Or so I thought. Instead the world as we know it changed on Jan. 6. My tears for the devastating effects of a mad man at the helm of our country fell freely. 

Can our democracy survive? Can we be the land of the free and the brave again? Can see the unjust treatment of our fellow countrymen and change what has become so vile? Can we work together to lift up all people? 

I hope so. I want to be proud of my country instead of being ashamed of the corrupt narcissist leaders who are destroying it. I want a better world for my grandkids to live in.

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