SoCS – Jan 9

Linda brings us SoCS each Saturday to stretch our mind. This week is a little different.
Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “sky’s the limit.” Write about something that has or seems to have no end. Enjoy!



Back when I was teaching I always felt there was no end limit to the need for preparing for my classes. Something needed tweaking every period. There was no end to the prepping, the grading, the improving, the contemplating, the researching, the adding and/or subtracting to what I wanted. The good thing was that I enjoyed it so going to work made me happy.   

Being a parent makes you have the goal of wanting your kids to know that the sky’s the limit on their possible life choices. I repeatedly told my children to not become teachers. I reminded them of the unending hours I spent on lessons and grading. I told them about the fact that you had a few hundred parents who almost all felt they know more than you do. I explained about the very low pay per hour of work you actually put in to the job. I expanded on the fact that you get no pay for the summer, the winter break, nor the spring vacations. It did no good. Both my kids became teachers. Their explanation was that they saw that I loved my job, and they wanted that for themselves. 

 The sky’s the limit when it comes to the love of your family. Some people have no comprehension of the fact that the more people you have to love, the more love you give and get. It is not like a pie where each person gets less and less love because you only have so much to give. There is no limit to the amount of love I have for my dear ones.   

I remember when I was around people who had just become grandparents. They morphed from normal parents of grown children to these new creatures. They became people who floated at the mention of their progeny. It was humorous to see their enthusiasm. Then…… I became a Nana. I was there for the birth of first grandchild. I left the delivery room a different person. The sky was the limit for my love of this new miracle. The morphing had occurred. There was no going back. My heart expanded a million times its size. I was there to witness the birth of my second grandchild. Again, my heart expanded. Such a wonderful gift from G-d. The third was an emergency C and I was not able to be there until after he was born. It was another miracle. My heart was so happy. The fourth meant an 8 hour drive to Northern CA. Labor was long, but in the end a C was necessary and I was unable to be in the room. I saw that little man before his mom did. I never knew my heart could hold so much love for these little beings.

The first grandchild turned 17 yesterday. It doesn’t seem possible. And now the tears are flowing. My mom was able to meet all of her great-grandchildren before leaving this realm. To see her joy for them made my heart expand even more. I have no idea if G-d will give me the opportunity to see my great-grandchildren. I hope so, of course.   

9 thoughts on “SoCS – Jan 9

  1. This is an interesting post and so spot on about grandparents! I want to forward this to my youngest daughter because she is a teacher and rolls her eyes (figuratively) every time I want to talk to HER youngest child. Of course, I think he’s a little genius but I think that of all my grands and great-grands when they were toddlers.

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