Truthful Tuesday – Jan. 5, 2021 –

Truthful Tuesday

Frank, aka PCGuy, has published his first  Truthful Tuesday post for 2021. This week Frank wants to know about our outlook for the new year. He asks”

Now that the holidays and last year are over, are you filled with a renewed sense of hope at the coming year, or something else? Please explain.

To tell the truth, both hope and cautiously optimistic.

I have a sense of hope, cautioned with the successful change of America’s leader. Last summer I stated to anyone who would listen that IMHO tRump would not leave the oval office until the FBI took him out in handcuffs kicking and screaming. With his latest request to have others cheat for him, I don’t see it going well. 

What I am hopeful about is the vaccine rolling out. So far in my county about one third  of the vaccines they have available have been given. That needs to be taken care of ASAP.  I am OK staying home and isolating until my group has it available. The idea of the vaccine takes us one step closer to safety. I am thankful that my aunt is supposed to get the vaccine very soon. She is 95 and in an assisted living establishment. I am hopeful that the front line workers and elderly who are first on the priority lists are already starting to get the shots. Some nurses are on their second one. 

I am hopeful that I can continue to use this time in isolation cleaning, purging, organizing, and using up things I have in my home. It has been a good use of my time. My house is lighter, as is my spirit.  I am hopeful that by the time this is under some sort of control I will be more of a minimalist  that I have ever been in my life.   

I am hopeful that the new relationships that have been strengthened in this crazy time will continue to flourish. Most of my friendships are with people not close in proximity, but close to my heart.   

I am hopeful that some of the crazy people who are still denying Covid, will wake up and smell the coffee. I must be hopeful about that because the alternative is that they need psychiatric help. 

Warning second video has swearing.

I was glad to say goodbye to 2020. With personal tragedies, country tragedies, and world tragedies it is one for the record books.

Luckily, there were some times of humor that made me laugh. Bye Bye 2020, glad to see you gone.

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  1. I’m hopeful, too, that, that this time will bring us a new time in our country. On hopeful days, I have a lighter spirit. Thanks for an excellent post!

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