January Squares – Up – Time to Get Up

Becky from The Life of B hosts this challenge. She  states that the most important rule is to include your photo in the form of a square.



It was not an easy night, as I could not rest.
I decided to stay up and do my best.
I read some blogs to clear my head.
Annie then figured I should get out of bed.
I did feed her, just a little early.
Not getting sleep is no reason for me to be surly.
I checked the plants that yesterday I transferred.
And sure enough my question was answered.
They needed more water to stay alive.
I need to do what I can to help them survive.
I went out front and starting pulling weeds.
When everything is cleaned out, I’d like to add some seeds.
After too many hours of working too hard,
Annie and I left the front yard.
It was one o’clock and I’d had nothing to eat.
I should have made lunch, but instead took off the sheets.
My laundry load is running, which makes me ever so happy now.
I like nothing better than sleeping in a freshly made bed anyhow.
I’ll eat some lunch, then climb into bed.
All I want now, is to rest my head.

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