The Last Day of 2020

My plans for the last day of 2020, like the plans for most of the year took a sideways unexpected turn. I was at the store when it opened at 6 AM. The senior hours were in effect and there were only two other customers in the large supermarket. I wanted to get in and out as fast as I could. With our numbers being so horrible in LA county, I would rather not leave the house.

After completing all my protocol for returning home, I decided to go out back and get some work done. The strong winds had left debris all over the yard. I decided to rake, then sweep up the mess. I was rather surprised at how cold it was outside in the lower yard. It was 56 degrees and I was chilly.

I decided to get some wood and light the outdoor fireplace . I wanted to have a warm spot to return to, as I cleaned. Not wanting to be left out, Annie needed her cushion positioned to enjoy the warmth. I would rake,  return to the warmth, then sweep, and return to the warmth. We had a nice morning.

Then I decided to finish some outdoor cushion projects. I finished remaking the egg chair cushions. I had completed the top cushion a year ago and then stopped working on it. It felt good to finish the cushions. The egg chair is not comfortable without them. But with all the soft cushions, it is wonderful to relax in.

I finished some other outdoor cushions and added them to my furniture. Then I came back inside so I could I work on cleaning my sewing room. When I sew, I make a huge mess. I chalk it up to creative genius. (It’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

The rest of the day was very low key. I doubted we would make it to midnight. I sent off texts to loved ones wishing them a Happy New Year. I continued to work on my sewing room until my phone started lighting up. I had three very long, very emotional, unexpected phone calls. I felt like my relaxing day changed to an emotional one. All the conversations ended well, I just wasn’t expecting them at all. 

I tried to get to sleep early, but unfortunately the neighbors decided to light firecrackers for quite awhile again. Poor Annie. She was freaked out. I sat with her holding her tight trying to calm her. They finally stopped at 2 AM. We fell fast asleep once it was quiet.   

Annie wanted her food at 5:45 this morning. A little early for her. I fed her early but decided to not go outside because it was too cold. I had a few great conversations this morning that shed some light on yesterday’s twists and turns. 

I waited for it to warm up so Annie and I could play outside. She was in the mood for over 30 throws. When she has had enough, she climbs on the swing and demands cuddles. But she is not spoiled at all. LOL

2020 was not all bad. I’ve learned from this year. I’ve grown this year. I am trying to think of a word to dedicate this year to. I haven’t settled for one that feels right. Things are changing. 

Today was a kick back day. I have a fridge full of yummy foods, a warm house, and a happy dog. I look forward to being able to see my family and hugging them. I will wait until it is safe to do so. I will enjoy my home and safety for now. 



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