Three Things Challenge – #462 – The Argument

Many thanks to Di at Pensivity101 for giving us three words for our blog challenge.

Have fun and your three things today are:


A quick piece of fiction.


The argument was getting more heated by the minute. She tried to find something to swing at him. She didn’t really want to hurt him. She just wanted to let him know how angry she was. She picked up a nearby flat dish and hurled it in his direction. With her terrible aim, it missed him by a mile.

It did make him stop and stare at her. He then laughed at how funny the entire incident was. For the life of him, he couldn’t understand why she was so angry. All he did was ask her if his mom could move in for six months.

15 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge – #462 – The Argument

      1. We lived with MIL for a few weeks and it was the most horrible time of my life. I saw her in her true colours and did not like it one bit. Getting out and house hunting with a tent was far less stressful.
        My Mum lived with my sister for over 20 years, but we offered for her to come live with us several times, especially after dementia was starting to take hold. She didn’t want to come as she felt my sister needed her.

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