A Little Help Please

Someone posted, awhile back, on how to put your images in folders so you weren’t searching forever for an image. I could have sworn that I saved the post in a word doc for when I had some time. 

Now I can’t find it. 

Anyone able to point me in the right direction?


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  1. Unfortunately, I do not think this is possible with the free WP account. You would either need a plug-in (and you must pay for that ability) or you must access the files on the host which you can only do if you are self hosted. What you might try is coming up with a naming convention so you can sort or search by that name. Makes it easier but I know not what you are looking for.

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  2. Hi, Lauren- I wasn’t sure if this was for your photos in general, as you don’t really post photos very much with your posts.

    I’ve found that it depends on your operating system management of photos — I used to use Adobe Lightroom (a wonderful photo management program), but post-retirement have had to use Photos, Apple’s version of photo management. It’s frustrating, but Albums allow for gathering photos within themes, and now at least, we can label photos.

    So depending on the platform that you’re on, you should be able to group and download photos to folders on your desktop, I’d think ( I can do that on my Apple devices).

    Good luck!

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  3. Nothing to do with folders, but each image in your Media Library has some text associated with it, and you can search the text. I posted on this a few months ago, if you’d like me to find that post give me a shout.

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  4. Lauren there are several photo programs that allow you to assign tags to your photos. Or you can alter the file name to reflect the photo content. Are you trying to do this at the Word Press level or at the computer level ? I keep track of my images at the computer level using (mostly ) an old but still available Google product called Picasa on my Windows PC. It is not perfect but it works. And it is free.

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    1. I was trying to do it at the WordPress level. I thought it would be nice to put all the prompts I follow in one folder. The graphics I use regularly in a folder. The One-Liner Wednesday prompts I used in a file etc.


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