SoCs – Dec. 26 – Box

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Dec. 26/2020


Thanks Linda for the always fun stream of consciousness.

My brain took a variety of twists and turns before I started typing. There are many things that are boxed up in my house.


The time boxes were most important to me was when I was teaching. I was a pack-rat for anything that might be used for a lab. I met a fantastic teacher who had items organized in labeled bags in labeled boxes. I learned the value of her system. I had more than 40 boxes. I am proud to say that they were all cleaned out and totally organized by the time I retired.  I gifted my work husband everything I thought he could use.

If you wanted to find a lesson on rock classification there were three or four boxes to explore. Some had rock samples. Some had tools to identify rocks. Some had DVDs of rocks explorers and Magic School Bus episodes, along with CDs of rock songs. I was the geek who went to the science conferences for new ideas to utilize in my class. If it fit in the standard paper supply box it might become part of my lesson.

The idea of organizing in boxes carried over into my home life. My sewing room has/had boxes and boxes of fabric sorted by themes. Those same paper boxes were shared by most teachers on campus. When I needed more I sent out an email and viola, more arrived. I have been working on decreasing my fabric boxes by using up my stash. When I empty a box by sewing items I feel a sense of accomplishment.   

My attic was filled with boxes of holiday decorations. Since retiring, I am going through them as the holiday occurs. I am gifting or donating most of the items I once treasured. “Things” have a different meaning to me right now. Less is more in my current brain.  My goal is to have smaller and smaller boxes filling my attic, my garage, my sewing room, my shed, and my home.

When I move from this house to a one story dwelling, in the future, I want to have an easy move without too many boxes.





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  1. We have moved from cardboard boxes to plastic as much of what we Pack away gets stored outside. When we bought our first house in Florida, the inspector warned us then not to use cardboard because the termites love it! 😳

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