Fibbing Friday – On Saturday or Sunday

I love Melanie’s graphics for Fibbing Friday.  I am hoping she is OK with my “borrowing” them. Frank provides us with this special edition of Fibbing Friday. He writes:

Welcome to this special Saturday Edition of Fibbing Friday! Since yesterday was Christmas, I decided to postpone Fibbing Friday until after the holiday. With next Friday being New Year’s Day, it will be up to Di whether Fibbing Friday will be on Friday or some other day or if we just take a break for the week.

1) Why is there a small plastic baby inside of a king cake? If my memory serves me, the small plastic baby in the cake is a sign of fertility for the king to bring forth many heirs.

2) What is Three Kings Day? Three kings day is when the best
three Elvis impersonators get to perform at Dollywood.

3) Why is Boxing Day not formally observed in the US? Boxing Day is not formally observed in the US because most here are too busy going to after Christmas sales to think about others.

4) Traditionally, Christmas Day is the first of the Twelve Days of Christmas. By that same tradition, what is today known as? Disappointment Day

5) Why is the US Presidential Inauguration held at noon on January 20th? Everyone knows that if the inauguration is at noon then everyone will be super hungry at the following luncheons.

6) Why are the President and Vice President of the United States elected together rather than separately? Both of their spouses need to know where they are at all times.

7) Who swears in the President of the United States? His mother-in-law of course.

8) In certain US states that have lots of prairie land, there are signs warning not to drive through smoke. Why? Typically that smoke is the marshals burning up a weed farm and they don’t want you getting so stoned that you can’t drive.

9) Why did Air France and British Airways suspend the use of all Concorde aircraft in 2003? The mile high club didn’t have enough time to party.

10) Why was there no supersonic replacement for the Concorde once all of them had been decommissioned? The party people are not the ones with all the money.

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