Three Things Challenge – Dec. 26

Today’s challenge from Di at Pensitivity101 is a little harder tonight. Usually when I read her prompt, something comes to mind right away. Let’s see where this goes.

The three things today are: CARD DROP BEAN


Today I received two  holiday cards in the mail. I did not send out many cards this year.  I know it is not to difficult to drop a line to friends, but this year was ever so different.  Because I wanted to send a special note, it limited my energy. I sent out cards with bowl cozies I had made. It was my post Hanukkah fun activity. Looking for fabrics that I felt might fit the receiver was a big part of the fun.

I am addicted to my bowl cozies. I like my hot food so hot that it almost burns my tongue. When I have my cup of hot chocolate the bowl cozy makes sure I don’t burn my fingers along with my tongue.

I am spoiled with my evening beverage. I buy the large container of Starbuck’s hot chocolate powder. I can have cup after cup of cocoa at a fraction of the cost of going there. I am glad I don’t have to do anything with cocoa beans. It would severely limit my intake.


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