Finding Gratitude – Dec 26

It’s currently 690 degrees outside. I opened all the windows before going out back this morning. Annie and I played multiple games of fetch, in between the times while I raked up the leaves, swept up the disaster on my patio from the winds, and watered the planters. I am covered with dirt from all the crud. I am grateful for the energy to get things done.

I checked the forecast for the next few days while I stopped to answer a phone call. Supposedly, we are going to get rain tomorrow night. I will believe it when I see it. The last time they said we would get rain we merely got a few drops. The forecast says it will be the first “real” storm of the winter. They expect a whole inch. (sigh) Being in a drought means I will be grateful for any and all liquid sunshine that comes our way.

It is supposed to be 390 tonight. That means if it does rain here, there should be snow in the local mountains. (about 1 ½ hours away) That will help in the future months. It is hard to get used to short sleeves in the afternoon and a pile of blankets at night. I know I have nothing to complain about compared to most of the rest of the world. It is just that my fibromyalgia has trouble adjusting to big temperature changes. I am grateful for the time I get to spend in the lovely sunshine out back.

I sewed last night into the wee hours. I finished re-doing the outdoor curtains for my balcony. I finally made some pillowcases for home. I would like to finish recovering the outside cushions. That is not high on my priority list though.  The cover on the swing was a disaster, so I did that one already. The last time I made it, I did a fancy job with multiple fabrics. Only to find that outside, more seams equals more places for it to come apart. This time I simply made a sack out of outdoor fabric and sewed the seams. I am grateful that Annie and I are happily spending time on the swing.

My fridge is full of leftovers. Luckily, I enjoy leftovers a great deal. The idea of just warming up some delicious food without the work to prepare it, makes me happy. It is so different at this stage of my life. As a young mother, I was always worried about having enough food for the kids. Now, I have more food that can be consumed at one sitting. I am very grateful for a fridge with good food.

My holiday has come and gone. As of today, the majority of the rest of the world has had their special day also. Once upon a time, I would go to after-Christmas sales and stock up on things for the next year. Every penny saved was important. Now safety is the priority. We do not have Boxing Day here, but I am aware of its existence. I used to think that boxing day was the day you boxed up all the gifts you had to return so you could take them back to the store. From what I have read, Boxing Day is a day to give to the less fortunate. I like that. I am grateful that I attempt to give to others as a part of my personal belief system.

I don’t typically make New Year’s Resolutions.  My resolve during this difficult time has been to find reasons to be happy and grateful.  Since the beginning of Covid, I have been working on doing whatever I felt like doing. If that means doing nothing, then that is what I do. (sans guilt) If I want to sew all day and/or all night, then I do that. If I want to clean, (yep, sometimes that makes me happy LOL) then I do. There are a multitude of things out of my control right now, that make me sad.  I can concentrate on trying to find joy in simple things. I am grateful that I am retired during this difficult time.

I read a great article about the holidays in 2020.  You can read more here.

2020 has given us permission to let go of expectations and accept that just getting through the days in any way you can deserves a spot on the nice list. Who knows what next year will bring or how long lockdown restrictions will continue to affect our existence. If only life was as predictable as the Hallmark Christmas movies I intend to binge on in this wasteland between Boxing Day and new year. However you spend your ‘Crimbo-limbo’, ‘Betwixtmas’ or ‘Merrineum’ (my personal fave), I hope you find time to rest, reach out to those you want to and say a giant ‘f**k off’ to any brand trying to push a detox-agenda upon you come 1 January. You’ve suffered enough. Eat the mince pie. You deserve it.

I hope the end of 2020 brings some peace and joy and comfort to one and all.


5 thoughts on “Finding Gratitude – Dec 26

  1. Lauren, you’re so right in how this has been a different year, but many of us have found good times in simple pleasures.

    My hubbie and I have enjoyed delicious meals (cooked by me, of course, as he isn’t a cook), taken walks, etc. Our Woody, now 12, isn’t up to playing fetch (he has a surgery-repaired doggie-version of a ACL injury, years ago, which now is a bit arthritic — hey, I understand that!)

    But we’re all enjoying the final week of 2020 with lovely meals and quiet times. Our Christmas snow was magical, extending through today.

    All good wishes to you and your family for a good New Year ahead.

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