December 25th – Yummy foods cooking all day

I’ve decided to make my evening meal a little special because there will be no Chinese food today.  It’s crock pots to the rescue. I want yummy and easy for my dinner tonight.

Off to Pinterest for me. I have a small rib roast in the large crockpot. The recipe wasn’t too labor intensive. I also have garlic mashed potatoes in another. I started my yellow split pea soup on the stove, in my largest pot.


All of my dishes will be ready about 6 tonight. In the meantime, I am searching for ideas on how to use my large avocados. I don’t want them to go bad.   

Next, I want to make some blintzes. I didn’t make them for Hanukkah, which I usually do. I NEED some for comfort.

I have some leftover chocolate chip cookies, but I think I need something else. I am not sure if I should make a pumpkin chocolate muffin recipe, or a mini cheesecake recipe. 

Yummy smells are already wafting through the house.

I hope everyone is enjoying festive foods that warm your heart.

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