6 Quickie Questions –

Rory’s  at it again. More fun questions.


1. Why do you blog and continue to blog? I started blogging as a challenge from a writing class. It was also an exercise from my therapist for helping m=in my recovery from PTSD. After my year challenge was up I continued for the love of blogging. I am addicted now and I especially enjoy the community.

2. Keeping the following in mind – of 100% which % ‘s would you allocate to each of the forms of personal entertainment below and you taking part in them monthly?
Reading 5% used to be much higher, pre-Covid
Watching Films 5%
Listening to Music 5% just enjoying (not just background)
Television Viewing 5% actually watching (not just background noise)
Online Gaming 5% Solitaire on my phone
Offline Gaming [Puzzles etc.] 0%
Walking/Exercising/Outdoor Activity 40% gardening and playing with Annie
Cooking 10%
Sewing/Crafting 25%

3. Is society becoming stupider or just lazier? Society is more visibly stupider.  “It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it,”  Marl Twain 

4. Is there such a thing as being too inked or having too many tattoos? Being inked is a personal decision. As long as it makes you happy and doesn’t detract from your life goals, then go for it. I got my first tattoo when I turned 65 and my second and last one a month later when I retired. They make me happy and can be covered if necessary.

5. Do you think some people deliberately try to be too hypersensitive to life or have people as a whole simply become overly sensitive naturally? I think everyone is different with a variety of levels of sensitivity. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to b hypersensitive.

6. What is the strangest outfit you have ever worn in public – deliberately as opposed to a prank, dare or a joke? As a middle school teacher we often had a variety of silly spirit days. I was once dressed as a mummy. It was not for Halloween. The strange part came in when I went directly from school to the grocery store without changing. I got more than a few looks. LOL



11 thoughts on “6 Quickie Questions –

  1. Lauren, I really enjoyed reading your answers! Glad you enjoy your tattoos. We got our first to memorialize our golden that died in 2008. Since then we got another when our golden girl died in 2018 and are waiting for covid to be gone to get the last of our golden who died in 2019. Somehow it’s comforting to have their faces on our bodies.

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  2. 3. Is society becoming stupider or just lazier? Society is more visibly stupider. “It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it,” Marl Twain

    YEP 🙂

    Were you just a Mummy or a GrandMummy 🙂

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  3. 1)Always loved to write. Had a full interesting life. Blogging puts in writing the oral stories I have told for years. Something my grandkids can show to their grandkids
    2)I am retired and the ‘quarantine’ hasn’t changed my retirement activities like reading, writing. Crossword puzzles, watching favorite movies and TV; but it sure has ruined hugging and close visiting my family.
    3) Almost half of society watch news filled with half-truths and wacko conspiracies. And ‘a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.’
    4) I only know of one paratrooper besides myself that didn’t get ink to proclaim they were airborne. The only ink I ever had on was when I was writing with a leaky pen.
    5) Sensitive!
    6) Always wore a hat just like stagehands had done years before. Only stagehand in my day that I ever saw wearing a hat. People thought it strange when they saw me on occasions without a hat on.

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