Three Things Challenge – Dec.11/12

Di at Pensitivity101 gives us three things to write a blog about.

Di writes: Have fun and your three things today are:


I was very excited to welcome my daughter and grandkids to my house on Saturday. Plans were made for us to celebrate together responsibly. If it was warm outside we were going to be outside in the back yard six feet apart. I was going to make the day as cheerful as possible. We planned on playing dreidel with our chocolate gelt. 

Hanukkah five chocolate gelt and one dreidel on textured royal blue background.

If it turned out to be a chilly day, the plan was to gather in my carpeted garage. There are chairs and a table in the garage for playing games. It is cleaned out and cars never go there. I thought I had it all figured out. Then a few hours ago, my daughter called to tell me that a friend she visited last Saturday has Covid. Her friend, her friend’s husband, and child are all sick with Covid. They thought it was just a flu, but got tested. They were all positive.  Our plans are cancelled and I am trying not to be too sad. I’d rather be safe than sorry.

My daughter called again later to tell me another friend of hers is in the intensive care unit with Covid and asking for prayers. Prayers for all those effected are a part of my daily life. I will be ever so grateful when this pandemic is a part of our past. 




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  1. And it goes on and on..sometimes there seems to be no end so sorry to hear your well-organised plans had to be put on hold…But health and safety comes first and thank god for the internet it has given many of us a lifeline…It is sad when it is people we know become infected…Stay safe Lauren and hopefully next year we will start to see an end to all this x

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