Thursday Inspiration 35 – School

Written for: Paula’s prompt on Light Motifs II.

I wanted to write for this prompt all week. I am finally getting my act in gear and doing so. 

A little flash fiction.



The school bus was either a place of solitude or torture. If you were lucky you could slink down into a seat and enter your own world. Not being a member of the “popular” crowd meant no one would ask you to sit by them. Then of course if there were no empty seats you were forced to sit by someone. That’s when the torture set in. Name calling, whispers, or physical assaults were common occurrences. The bus driver was no help at all.

Then came the blissful time when you arrived at school. Your teacher cared about you and comforted you like no one else chose to do. You had a great day learning the day’s lessons. You felt safe at school. You had a library book to escape too on the bus ride home. The bus arrived on time. You hoped everyone would be too tired to bother you today.

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