The Early Bird Gets to Relax

I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. It just wasn’t in the cards. When Annie informed me, she wanted breakfast at her usual 6 AM, I gladly accommodated her request. We went outside and played fetch, as is our usual morning activity. Then I needed to water the upper and lower planters. It is still so very dry here. I was able to see many bees this morning, but no hummingbirds.

Much to Annie’s chagrin, I left to go to the grocery store. Annie thinks I should never leave home. She looked so forlorn. I promised I’d be right back, but she didn’t care. I made it to the grocery store by 7, when they opened for senior hours. There were only three customers in the store. There were about ten workers though. Masked and gloved I picked up some necessities and fun things. I realized the pharmacy was not open so I could not get my meds. I was happy to be home by 7:30. Annie was waiting by the door for her treat. 

After cleaning and putting away the frozen items, I put the rest in the garage for quarantine. I was able to shower and start a load of laundry before Annie let it be known that she was ready to go out and play again. We hadn’t played for very long, when a squirrel ran across the power lines above our yard. Annie was off and running to let the squirrel know she was the queen of the yard. I always praise her for protecting the yard from the evil squirrels.   

While we were outside, I kept singing (in my head) Happy Birthday to my mom. This is the fifth birthday that I have not had her in my life. I miss her every day, of course. The fact that Hanukkah is so close to her birthday comforts me. I have the canvas decoration she made as well as the eight-day wall hanging that was made for her. I feel her in my celebration.  

Here it is, 9:30 in the morning and I am filled with joy. My house is clean, my gifts are purchased, most have been delivered, my decorations are up, and I know how blessed I am.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your mom. I’m glad you feel comforted by her presence – especially during this holiday. Your house looks amazingly festive and it makes me happy you can relax into all you have accomplished and just enjoy it. Good for you.

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