Five Things Challenge – Healthy Foods


Dr. Tanya from Salted Caramel asks us to talk about five foods that we enjoy.



One of my favorite foods is avocados: 
If I could could write a ballad
It would be about them in a salad.
But I think I like them most
When I spread them on some toast.
It can make a tuna sandwich special on the bread
Because avocado is much better than using mayo instead.

Strawberries and blueberries are fruits I can still eat:

Strawberries and blueberries are great in many ways.
They come in their own packages and last for many days.
By adding chocolate to them you can improve upon their taste,
However, this his will eventually, show up on your waist. 

Eggs, the quandary food:
Eggs are really great when you know how to make them.
If you have them hard boiled in the fridge the kids will always take them.
My only negative reaction
Is when I see how they arrive in action.

Tuna fish in moderation:
I do not want fish sitting on my plate
Especially, if it is in its original state.
I don’t want to see the eyes staring back at me.
So the fish I eat comes in a can, that I don’t have to see.

A Variety of Nuts:
Nuts are so yummy and delicious.
Not to mention the fact that they are also nutritious.
Gratefully, the store, has many a kind
It sometimes makes it hard to make up my mind.
I typically prefer the roasted and unsalted ones.
They have more flavor and don’t cost me tons.

Maybe I had too much time on my hands today. LOL



23 thoughts on “Five Things Challenge – Healthy Foods

  1. My favorite healthy foods are fresh greens from my garden, spinach from the grocery store (although I have grown wonderful spinach in my own garden, it’s not available all the time). Sockeye salmon from Alaska and farmed Atlantic salmon in Quebec are also favorites, as are eastern scallops and shrimp.

    I love fresh apples and peaches in season here, too.

    Walnuts and almonds are favorites, too, along with dried fruit (golden raisins, dates, apricots, etc.).

    I’ve been realizing that we eat a very healthy diet, faced with an entire aisle of different sorts of chips at a local grocery story this morning. Clearly, the pandemic has folks diving in chips. Yikes. I saw a number of customers loaded up with them.

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