A super busy day – Dec 5

I had a super busy day today:
I managed to feed and play with Annie early this morning and still make it to the store when it opened at 7 AM. 
I purchased my needed items to finish my Hanukkah  packages. 
I wrapped and numbered all the gifts. 
I put the grandkids items in a new pillowcase for each of them. 
We drove out to my daughter’s house and dropped off the presents.
I got my car washed at the no contact, drive through car wash.
I came home and had two terrific conversations with loved ones.
I played with Annie again until she was tuckered out.
I finished some house chores.
I made chicken
parmesan for dinner.
I did not indulge in chocolate.
(Well not exactly, I did have a hot chocolate at bedtime.)
I listened to the news, until it
aggravated me.
I took a quick look at my email. OMG, it is now over 1,000 emails.
Tomorrow, after cleaning up the wrapping paper mess I made, I am going to attack my email.
Wish me luck.


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