Three Things Challenge – # 437

Di at Pensitivity101 gives us three words each night (my time) to create a blog post with. The majority of the time my day fits in pretty well with the topic. Today is no exception.

Have fun and these are your three things today are:


Last night I stopped working on my quilt because my sewing machine was not cooperating with me. This morning after playing fetch with Annie, until she exhausted herself, I decided to run upstairs and work on my finishing my quilt.

I put a new needle in my machine and continued to finish top-stitching the the third side. Then I pinned the last side and took it back to my machine to iron a nice seam. I was unaware that while I was sewing the machine needle had dropped to the floor and I stepped on it. It went about a half inch into my heel. I screamed for help which was silly because I was home alone.

Annie came running upstairs to see what was wrong. I was crying while I pulled out the needle. This upset Annie, so I knew I needed to calm myself down. I hopped into the bathroom and ran my foot under hot water, dried it off, and poured alcohol on it. Annie usually stops at the bathroom door because she is afraid I will be giving her a bath.

I composed myself and put a bandage on my heel. Then I went back in and finished my quilt project. Trying to focus on the joy I felt for finishing was a challenge because I was in such pain.

Annie wanted more play time so I went outside and sat on the swing and threw her toys for her to fetch. It felt good to be off my feet.   

The day went by slowly. I was in a strange, sad mood. I kept thinking about the fact that this will be the first Hanukkah I will not be sharing time with my grandkids. I am going to put together a Hanukkah celebration kit for my daughter. We will have to celebrate virtually this year.

I wasn’t going to decorate my house this year. But to be honest, once I brought down my buckets from the attic, I felt the need to display some of my treasures. Tomorrow, I will put together my eight nights of gifts to take over to their family. One more challenging holiday.

I am grateful we are all Covid free and surviving in this difficult time. We have so much to be grateful for. My aunt celebrated her 95 birthday. My granddaughter is acing her first year of high school. My youngest grandson is still happy for hugs. I am in a warm house with a full fridge. I will continue to practice safety first. I will continue to send positive energy and prayers to those in need. 

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  1. A mixed post, pain , sadness, joy and gratitude. It’s very typical of these times. I am glad that you and your family are safe and well, sorry about your poor heel but glad your beautiful Annie showed so much love 💜💜💜 I loved the photos of Annie, your garden and quilt. The bowling ball section of your garden looks great. Please have a better day.💜

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