Three Things Challenge – #436

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 Pensitivity101 continues to provide us with three words each day to write about. I enjoy the task very much. It is often the last thing I do before retiring for the night.

Have fun and these are your three things today are:


I thought I could finish another project of mine today. I pulled out a Hanukkah quilt top that I made more than a decade ago. I also have a Hanukkah table runner top that needs to be finished.

What I could have done was to make a back, find a fabric store still quilting for people, dropped it off, paid a small fortune, picked it up weeks later, and then put in quarantine in my garage. None of this sounded good to me. 

Instead, I found a throw blanket in my closet that was a little bigger than my quilt top. I laid it on the floor, right sides together, and pinned away. I cut the excess off the throw and went to my sewing machine. I finished the three sides and turned the project right side out. My goal was to top-stich the three sides before finishing off the bottom.

My machine had other ideas. First a needle got stuck in the thick part I was trying to sew through. I had to take it apart to rescue my quilt. I put in another needle, only to have it break and come shooting at my face. (Memo to self: Wear your glasses when sewing)

I was so frustrated by then that I covered my machine, turned out the lights, and left the room. Hopefully, tomorrow I will finish my project.

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