Three Things Challenge – #432

Di at Pensitivity101 keeps my mind thinking when I can’t sleep.
The challenge is to simply read the prompt and see where your creativity takes you.


 Once I retired in May of 2019 I colored my hair purple. It made me happy. I used a formula that was supposed to last for 30 washes. It actually lasted much longer. Once we were locked down I figured there was no reason to recolor my hair. I recently decided I felt like like recoloring it anyway. Because I try to not leave my house unless absolutely necessary, I have been using Amazon quite a lot. I accidently ordered the formula that required you to  bleach your hair first.

I am not willing to try and bleach my hair at home. That is better left to the professionals. I have not been in a hair salon since October of 2019. Maybe at some point in 2021 I will wave the white flag and get my hair cut again. Not now, not during lockdown. I need to feel safe and right now I don’t.

I ordered the formula that does not require bleach. At some point in the near future I will happily be purple again. It makes me happy and I can use some joy in my life.


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