SoCS- Nov 28 – Options


Linda brings us the SoCS challenge each week.
Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “opt.” Use it as a word or find a word with “opt” in it and base your post on that. Have fun!



Options, options, options. Sometimes too many options can be a bad thing. Sometimes choosing what we think is the right option is good, but not always.

When my mother moved into her home in AZ she met some dear people who became good friends. They were a petite couple formally from New York. They were octogenarians who warned my mom to not come visiting without calling first. They believed that there home should be a clothing optional space.   

Another family member, I have been told, has an apartment in a clothing optional community. Oy vey. Not my kind of an option. At least not in public.

My body often responds to anxiety with specific options. I either eat lots of chocolate, or I clean. The healthy option is to clean. I need to resist my current option to bake brownies, chocolate chip cookies, or chocolate fudge. So far, so good.

My half-completed sewing projects are calling me to complete them. Last night I debated my options of finishing the Hanukkah quilt, the Hanukkah table runner, or the Hanukkah bowl cozies. I examined them, set them out, and did nothing.

My morning options are limited. Annie must be fed and played with. She chooses a toy and we play fetch until she needs to run and save my property from passers by.

My daily options are unlimited. I can do nothing. I can clean. I can write. I can sew. I can iron. I can watch TV. I can listen to music. I can cook. I can read. I can work in my garden. I can do chores. I can contemplate the solutions to the world’s problems.

I was thinking all this week about my options of how to react to some very serious events going on with those I love. I know my circle of influence is limited right now. I know some problems have no visible healthy options. I decided to accept the fact that my only option is to offer prayers to my higher power and to live the serenity prayer.


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