Three Things Challenge – #431

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Pensitivity101 gives us three words. “The challenge is to simply read the prompt and see where your creativity takes you.” 
Today’s three words are:



For years and years, when my kids were little ones, I would wake super early on the Friday after Thanksgiving to go shopping. It was an automatic response to the after feast day of cooking and cleaning. Shopping was a wonderful retail therapy. I was so pumped to get a head start on my holiday shopping. There was no such a thing as the internet or shopping online. It was every woman for herself. We were on a very limited budget so any gift found on sale, within reason, was a welcome addition to my stockpile.   

I was a pro at finding great deals. I was also gifted at hiding presents so my girls didn’t find things too early. The older they got, the harder it was to surprise them. One year I stored my friends presents at my house and she had mine at hers. The kids were so confused. (Score one for mom.)   

Many years later I started hunting for presents even earlier. I was often finished with most of my shopping before school started in September. I only needed to buy a few last minute items in December.

Even more years later came the movement to do no shopping on what is now called Black Friday. I appreciated the idea of focusing on your family and not shopping with crazy people on Friday. Everyone has to do their own thing that is right for them. I am very happy I have purchased nothing today. Even though I am not with family (because of Covid) I still feel the need to avoid shopping. The fact that I have very few ideas for  this holiday, means I will probably be frantically shopping soon. 

4 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge – #431

  1. I surely understand this. I don’t recall ever going out for Black Friday sales like some people I know do. My claustrophobia is far too intense when I’m packed into crowds like that and I tend to get a little whooshy after too much sensory input. I do much better now that I can shop from my couch after the kids have gone to bed.

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