Fibbing Friday – Nov. 27 – Holiday Edition

Frank from PC Guy  brings us today’s Thanksgiving/holiday themed questions. The goal is to tell big fat juicy fibs to the questions presented.


  1. Why is it traditional to eat turkey for Thanksgiving dinner? (In the US, at least.) Turkeys were the only birds who couldn’t fly away when the expert archers came hunting.
  2. What is “Festivus”? The holiday for atheists who like to party without religion being involved.
  3. Why does Hanukkah (or Chanukah, if you prefer) last for eight days? Hanukkah lasts for eight nights because the Rabbi’s could not reach a consensus on the exact number of days. The wisest Rabbi threw some dice and landed a hard eight. The decision was made.
  4. Why does Kwanzaa last seven days? There are seven colors in the prism spectrum and in order to include everyone, it just made sense.
  5. According to the song, there are twelve days of Christmas, so why do most people only observe Christmas for one day? The song was written by the CEO at Toys R Us to make you think you need to buy more, more, more.
  6. Why does Canada have Thanksgiving in October? Everyone knows the Pilgrims landed in Canada first.
  7. What is Childermas? This is the secret holiday where kids get together to swap presents when their parents are busy shopping for clearance items.
  8. In the US, why is the Friday after Thanksgiving known as “Black Friday”? Many men have met their demise when they tried to fry a whole turkey. Their widows spent Friday looking for the perfect black dress.
  9. What is “Boxing Day”? Boxing day is the day when you re-box the presents you don’t like. You add a post it to identify who gave it to you. Then you put it in the regifting closet and send it off to someone else ASAP.
  10. What is “Saturnalia”? Saturnalia is the well known holiday when you give a dozen or so rings to your loved one to show how you are willing to revolve your life around them.

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