Looking For Happiness In These Crazy Times

Life has been really crazy lately. Both good and bad things are occurring all around. The world is in chaos. My family and friends are facing things they have never faced before.  I know that when I look for happy/grateful things I can find them in abundance.

I am happy that I am physically isolated in my bubble.
I am happy I feel I am doing all I can to be safe and I have no plans to change that.
I an happy I do not allow others to enter my physical space.
I am happy I am speaking to a family member that I have not spoken to in 20 years.
I am happy for great medical news for a family member.
I am happy that another family member was able to receive some much needed insight.
I am happy that I am able to set boundaries with others.
I am happy that I finished painting my rooms.
I am happy I finished sewing another quilt top.
I am happy I was able to support an artist by purchasing prints for my sewing room.
I am happy I have been feeling well enough to work in my garden.
I am happy to have gifted things to a dear friend.
I am happy to have finally sent off a care package to my dear cousin.
I am happy  I am learning to not overdo my work load.
I am happy for taking time to read blogs, even before/if  I write any.
I am happy to be able to watch a little bit of the news now without raising my blood pressure.
I am happy my dog is there for me whenever I need comfort.
I am happy I have been in the mood to clean my house lately.
I am happy that most morning I see a butterfly and/or a hummingbird in my backyard.
I am happy I get to talk with my aunt who will be 95 this week.
I am happy I have cleared so much excess from my house.
I am happy that there is so much music to be enjoyed no matter what I am doing.
I am happy that Amazon prime will help me sent off Hanukkah gifts this year.
I am happy that I am retired and not facing the difficult task of teaching in this new world.
I am happy for my gratitude practice that has made my life so much better. 

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