Three Things Challenge # 424 & 425 – Hot Flashes

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I don’t know if it was a WordPress error or not but two posts for three things challenge came across my reader within a minute of each other. I figured I might as well try to add both on this late Friday night.

Warning: Possible TMI issues coming up.

Over 20 years ago I was stunned to find out I needed “the” major female surgery. The doctor, of course, tried to sooth the blow by telling me there was the reward of no longer having the extreme pain and hemorrhaging I was in every month. He also had the bright idea to tell me that if I could not have the hysterectomy the way I wanted, he would “throw in” a tummy tuck. How sad is it that I wanted the surgery with a shorter recovery time so I could get back to work sooner? The offer of a tummy tuck though, was a real reward to consider.

Talk about instant menopause and all the horrible side effects that came with it. I can’t say I ever had a beautiful glow. But I can say that I turned beet red time and time again from horrible hot flashes. Trying to teach when you have blood rising from your toes to your head and then back down again does something to your train of thought. (When you are capable of having a train of thought.)

Now decades later, my body (for no apparent reason)  has recently started with the hot flashes again. One moment I am chilled and am wearing a light sweater and a long sleeve shirt. The next minute I am pealing off my clothes and guzzling ice water. Then I am cold and pull on more clothes. By the time I make some hot chocolate because I am cold, I am flashing again and burning up. It is a crazy way to live. HRT is not an option at my ripe old age.

I am now trying some herbs recommended by my doc. They seem to be giving me a little relief. Just one more thing to make 2020 a challenge, I guess.

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  1. The glitch was probably me as I used the wrong editor for #425. I’ve rescheduled it for tomorrow, but good to see your combi Lauren. The post cancer meds gave me the hot flushes back six years after I’d finished my menopause, which went on for years actually. Hubby says it keeps him warm at night in the winter because I never get cold. The fact that most of me is out of the bed whilst he tries to cover me up is purely coincidental! My feet are my thermostat control!!! Have a good day.

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