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Linda brings us the prompt “ring” for today’s stream of consciousness. 




Today  was a strange one. After working in my yard this morning and trying to drill a hole in my block wall (without success) I was exhausted. I made myself a yummy sandwich, took a hot shower, and did a load of laundry. I decided to try and take a nap. I fell into a deep sleep and awoke at 6. I was not sure if it was 6 AM or 6 PM. I panicked because I thought Annie didn’t get dinner. I went upstairs and made her dinner.

My phone told me that my RING needed to be charged. I am so happy I have my Ring on my front door. When I first got it I was still working. I could tell when anyone came to the door. I could speak to delivery people.

I had the Ring before I had Annie. Annie is a great door notifier. She lets me know if people are near the door or passing by.  Happily, people don’t bother us door to door during these times.   


I then thought about my wedding ring. A few years ago I was sitting out front and evidently a spider bit me under my ring. I felt a pinch but saw nothing. My finger started swelling and swelling. I called around to find an urgent care that had a tool to cut my ring off. They were very kind there. The finger was swelling to a point that I couldn’t feel the end. They tried oil, ice, and a shot of some kind.

Finally, the doc said either the ring or the finger had to be removed. As he cut off the ring, the pain was excruciating. As they moved the clippers under the ring and cut it off, I finally felt some relief. I put the ring in a drawer and figured at some point I would have it repaired.   

That’s about all the mental energy I have right now about rings.

The phrase RING AROUND THE COLLAR is chiming through my head, but that is not important.

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