Blogging Insights – #54

Dr. Tanya at
 Salted Caramel asks questions about how/why we write our blogs. I had never heard content referred to this way, so I will need to give it some thought.


Evergreen content is content that continues to be relevant long past its publication so that it always remains sustainable and fresh. Topical, or timely content has relevance and significance for a limited period of time.

Evergreen or Topical content, which do you prefer writing? I write for myself. I am pleased to see that others enjoy my writing. The majority of my posts are about my life and its changes. When things happen in the world, like shootings, presidential chaos, unjust persecutions, etc. I do write about it. It is mainly because if my frustrations with people not wanting the best for everyone. I haven’t given it much thought if my opinions are cause for others to get upset.

Which do you write most often? I believe the majority of my posts are evergreen posts as they are about my life. When my life is saddened by the news, I will write about that as a means to express my thoughts.

Which of these adds more value or engagement to your blog? As I write for myself, I have no idea which brings in the readers. I suppose if someone reads my blog, and enjoys it, they know who I am and what I believe.


16 thoughts on “Blogging Insights – #54

  1. In answer to your question, my blog is evergreen, vary seldom topical. I had a very full life and met a lot of prominent people. I record events so my following generations know what things were like for me back in day.

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  2. Evergreen or topical. He left out ‘not to worry’. I just post a flower. Someone might need to see one. Interesting Lauren. I am going to pour a couple of fingers and contemplate if I am under thinking this. Or contemplate the slight possibility that it could be evergreen or topical. Thanks

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