Tale Weaver # 300 – Bubbles

Tale Weaver is presented by Michael  at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie.

Is it Kosher to write a true memory?


For many years the GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) program at schools in our district were after school enrichment activates. Thankfully they  realized early on, that more work was not the same as higher level thinking work.   

I often signed up to teach an after school class on bubbleology. This was before the internet (yes I taught before the internet was invented). It was such a fun class for me and the kids. It required me to find strange things to have the kids explore  surface tension, types of bubbles, effectiveness of different brands of soap, adding glycerin, the effects of other ingredients, etc. 

Much to my delight AIMS came out with a book on Bubble-Ology. It added to my repertoire. I found more activities to do and deeper questions to ask. My classes were always filled to capacity. The only problem was that we were a middle school with 6, 7, and 8 graders. I didn’t like to repeat the same class with the same kids because they had already learned the answers. (I looked for the book, but the one I had is no longer in print.)   

I then took my grandson to the science museum and we had tickets to a special Bubble event. I think he was three then. Happily for us, he was chosen to be placed “inside” a giant bubble with his grandpa. The look on his face was priceless. (Of course, I had to buy the pictures.) I purchased two giant bubble makers to add to my collection of Bubbleology materials.

After they stopped the after school classes I was able to use my supplies with all my classes as a reward for class competitions. I spent a lot of my own money for consumable supplies, but that’s what teachers do.   

When I retired in 2019 , I left about 80% of all my personal materials for future teachers to use. I really couldn’t figure out what I would do with most of the supplies. I had already given much to friends and family who are also teachers as well as to homeschool families.   

Bubbleology was one of my all time favorite subjects to teach.

18 thoughts on “Tale Weaver # 300 – Bubbles

  1. Such a nice post, Lauren.

    When I left the university botanical garden where I worked, “retiring” – I left behind all sort of books and materials for my younger colleagues, as well as lots of things in the nature center that I had collected over the years,

    I also created many interpretive signs across the garden and the nature centering my last decade there, which I assume are still extant, although I haven’t been back.to see. One of my younger colleagues got quite good at signage and doing the quarterly newsletter, too (uh, I made her learn the graphic design program to do so, when I had a hand issue!)

    Sending all good wishes!

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  2. This is fascinating.Sounds like you were the teacher everyone loved to have! Fun and inventive learning. Love the pic in the bubble. That had to have been an unforgettable experience for both grandpa and grandson.

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