12 Bloggerz – Nov. 2010

 Rory has delivered his November questions to his blog. As I am a fan of answering questions, here goes.



What’s currently inside your bathroom cabinet or sits on a shelf in your bathroom? Inside the bathroom cabinet are the typical meds both prescription and OTC.  I am pretty sure no one else has what is on top of the cabinet. I have a Lego Big Bang Theory set with all the characters. It was a gift a few years ago from my spouse.

If you awoke one morning and discovered that you had the complete control over global Time – would you USE it well or ABUSE it badly and how? I am not sure how I would use it or abuse it to be honest.

If you could start a new blog and no one was to EVER know who you were and you never let on either – what style or genre would you opt for? I might divulge the true stories of my childhood. Most would not believe them to be real though.

If you found yourself to be a ghost for a day who would scare the heebie geebies out of and why? I would probably go back to a few old principals who were less than kind to the teachers and pay them a visit.

What, if anything, are you allergic to? A pain medicine as well as onions, old eggs, and cologne of any kind.

What makes for the best Sandwich in your opinion and more importantly can you describe your perfect recipe to us? My favorite sandwich is a Reuben. Lots of lean corned beef, mustard, swiss cheese, and sauerkraut, on dark rye bread. Yummy.

If online advertising doesn’t influence your buying decisions – what if anything – does? I buy things I need/want based on my needs and wants. I have never bought anything from a phone, Facebook, or magazine solicitor.

Silly caps aside – how well and how long do you think you could honestly survive in a post-apocalyptic world brought on by a terrible life ending disaster? [Your interpretation of terrible life ending disaster is your choice] As long as I had clean air to breath, uncontaminated food to eat, and uncontaminated water to drink.

Have any of your priorities with regards LIFE changed significantly during 2020 and if so, what and how? I am doing my best to do things that make me happy and not things that I SHOULD do.

Do you have any bizarre fetishes and if so – care to share? A hard no.

Rules are meant to be broken … yes or no and if yes why and which and if no, why not? Unfair rules/laws are meant to be broken.  A woman’s body is her own. No one should make decisions for her.  Any legal consenting adults should be able to marry anywhere in the world.
So!! Coffee upstairs or something stiffer and if so, which, why and what? No coffee, no tea, no wine, no alcohol of any kind. Hot chocolate in cold weather and alkaline water all the time.


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