How Foolish Can People Be? Rant Coming Now

So evidently the tRump is at it again. According to him, we Californians , are wearing a mask that cannot ever be taken off. According to the foolish one when we eat with said fictional mask, that is unremovable, we eat the virus too. How come he feels the need to lie and lie and lie? What motivates the orange narcissist to make up such crazy things?

How is it that this clown can continue to lie and people cheer him on? 

How is it that he can make up anything he wants and when confronted with the facts he makes up more lies?   

How is it that people like such a fool? 

How is it that people with fully functioning brains continue to want him in office?   

Rant over. I am praying with all my heart that America has a chance to recover one the orange one is removed from office.

33 thoughts on “How Foolish Can People Be? Rant Coming Now

    1. I guess the latest lies just ticked me off. The rant could go on for days. To see people cheering him on when he spews such garbage annoys me to no end. I typically have to avoid the news on almost all fronts. My blood pressure can’t take it. But when this crap came on my Facebook and I discovered he was again making up stuff about my blue state I just blew my top.

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      1. Laura, honey, I thought you were very restrained. I’m not even American and his lies and rampant stupidity has me ranting to my daughter and son-in-law, who, by the way, completely agree. ❤

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  1. You rant away, Lauren. I thought you were very restrained, actually. I also can’t understand people who say they think he is doing a great job. And the ones who scream that Biden and socialists “Want to destroy our country”. If I was the journalist I’d ask them to detail exactly how this will happen. People shouldn’t be allowed to mouth off sound bites without being called to account. I could carry on – but I think everyone here following your blog is singing from the same hymn sheet 🙂

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  2. I honestly think it’s a case of the Emperor’s New clothes. The masses are too afraid to admit what an idiot he is! Wake up America he is rubbishing you and your country.
    I think I ranted more than you did …. sorry 💜

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  3. My hubby and I were in Scottsdale (AZ) yesterday for an appointment. It was such a beautiful day and so we decided to stroll thru a lovely upscale outdoor mall. Suddenly a huge pickup appeared with a huge trump flag and American flag waving in the back of the truck bed. He passed us and stopped and gave a thumbs up and asked if we were thumbs up. My hubby made a thumbs down and I said no and he began to loudly rant all kinds of BS at us!!! Luckily. He didn’t display a gun! I am SO sick of these Fox News Trump morons accosting people and inciting rage! Your ” rant” was definitely warranted and appreciated. Our state and town are SO RED and we are seriously considering having to move, but where? Trump has poisoned every corner of our country!

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