Daily Word Prompts – My Vote Is My Voice

Sheryl’s  word for today is require.

Fandango‘s  word for the day is pertinent.

Di’s three things challenge words are:  FARCE   NEGLIGENT   FEAR

The presidential election is merely days away. The phone, the TV, and the newspapers are all insane with advertisements. Some people are saying that it is not pertinent to vote for president because the decision is already made. G-d forbid they stay home and don’t choose to vote. Others insist that the entire process is a farce because of foreign involvement.

While voting is not required in our country, I feel we are being negligent if we do not. I just watched a TV show all about why, how, and where to vote. Famous people and first-time voters were highlighted. The main focus was VOTE. Exercise your rights and make your voice heard.

My biggest fear is that the crazy, foggy-headed people will vote and the intelligent, kind people will stay home fearing for their safety.

My vote was imperative this year more than any year in my life. Whatever the outcome, at least I can say I did my part.

If you haven’t done so already:



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  1. In case my mail-in ballet had never arrived (but, thankfully, it did arrive), I was definitively planning to go live to my polling place — with a mask on.

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