A New Blogger to Me – Thanks Maggie

Maggie from Cave Walls, reblogged Don Ostertag’s blog. I went to the site and was so impressed with the post. I clicked “follow” as he seems like a fellow rational person. I also read many of the comments on his post. (I typically read most comments).

One of his followers suggested a YouTube video to watch. I sought it out, and watched it. I am posting the video because IMHO it speaks the truth. If you’d like more background go to Don’s blog (above) and look at the comment from ivar743.    

I love this community because there are always more things to learn and appreciate.

5 thoughts on “A New Blogger to Me – Thanks Maggie

  1. I am so glad you followed Don, you will not be disappointed. The ad is certainly a sad possibility. This is where hope kicks in. Hope that we are better than the noise.

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