Tourmaline’s Halloween Challenge – Candles

Tourmaline .’s Halloween Challenge – Candles

A couple of days ago the power went out in my house. I had just turned on the lights in the spare bedroom. I wondered if I blew a fuse. I looked out my front window to see that the entire neighborhood was dark. At least it wasn’t just my house. 

I looked for candles and matches. I found an entire box of Shabbat candles. Sadly, there were no matches to be found. I went out back to find my lighters by the BBQ. Silly me, I tried to turn the light on to see where the lighters were. 

I did eventually find some matches and the batteries to put in my lanterns. Then I remembered the 7 or 8 fake candles on my mantel. They aren’t very bright but they keep me from running into furniture. 

I used to love lighting candles all over the house. Now, after reading how many are unsafe, I am selective with where and when I use them.


17 thoughts on “Tourmaline’s Halloween Challenge – Candles

  1. It’s no surprise that we cannot find matches or a lighter when there is a power outage, it such a rare event in America. Here in Pakistan we are well equipped with both and have backup UPS for prolonged outages.

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  2. I have two or three ‘push’ lights which I use if it goes unexpectedly dark, I just have to remember to change the batteries now and again! I tend to forget… O_o Please explain about the unsafe candles? Aside from lighting something on fire (with a live candle) what other troubles do they cause? Is it the battery powered ones that you’re referring to? Because that’s what I have, although I do have some ‘real’ candles still…but like you, I have no idea where the matches might be..

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  3. Last year I had my house on the market so I cleaned out the fireplace, which I don’t use anyhow. I took off the old “gold” doors and replaced the it with a nice new screen. Now my favorite place to put candles is in the fireplace! I guess they are pretty safe in there.

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