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SoCS is brought to us by Linda Hill. Stop by her blog to see the rules and to read the wonderful posts. 

This week’s prompt is “medium.” 


One of my favorite presents my spouse has ever given me was when he took me to see “Long Island Medium,” aka Theresa Caputo. I was hooked on her TV show and the Hanukkah gift was a total surprise. We made an evening of it, and went out to dinner before the “show.”  Seeing her do her thing, didn’t change my mind about mediums. I feel like there are real people who have the ability to feel the presence of people who have left this realm. I also feel like there are many more charlatans out there.

Being an empathic person myself I often feel things that are not stated. I don’t think I’d ever want to be a medium. The idea of  random dead people talking to me kinds of creeps me out.

Another thought about medium is how I like my steak and hamburgers. I like them cooked medium. I don’t want blood spilling out, nor do I like my meat burnt. So I typically ask for my meat cooked medium.   

Then there’s the obvious, medium size. I have not been a medium for many years. Many reasons, some in my control and some not, have led to this predicament. But I have finally decided that I am a worthy person no matter what my size is.   

The last thought that popped into my dead was the fact that I like medium sized dogs. I have had large dogs, an Akita, golden retrievers, and  German shepherds. I have had small dogs, like Pekinese and toy poodles. I am happy now with my medium sized dogs. I had  Brittany Spaniels for many years. Now I have Annie, the love of my life. 

21 thoughts on “SoCS – Medium

  1. I’ve never visited a medium or been to a medium show – something I think I’d like to do then I think I wouldn’t! As for dogs, my niece has cut out the medium size and has one very large Rhodesian Ridgeback and one small cockapoo, which looks like a small furry teddy bear.


  2. I’m VERY impressed that you got to see Teresa in person! Always watch her show!
    Loved your dog comments, as the mom of 5 ( all at the bridge) amazing sweet goldens. But I love all dogs, big and small.

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